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Resources to support your best self.  Consider all facets of your life when thinking of self-support: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  And whatever you do, don't get caught up in names for things.  Take what works for you and leave the rest.  Further, the less judgmental, & more open you are, the healthier you can be.  Being open will not affect your ability to OBSERVE and register what is happening to respond or plan.  Check out the guide to building a daily routine for great ideas.   

DAILY ROUTINE: You'll be pleased with how much you begin to complete and pack into your day.  Fantastic guide chock full of links to related great ideas on this page from Chris Winfield.   

MAKE NEW HABITS & GET ORGANIZED: find a planner that includes a "daily habit tracker" graph.  Click button to see free printable sample tracker page from  Or try an App!

PEACE of MIND  Additional ways to fully color your life vision of health and balance.  Donna Temm's site for alternative, energy-type treatments, working with body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Her office is closeby in New Hampshire.

MUSIC can help your brain to focus, meditate, relax, sleep.  A favorite: Jeffrey Thompson.  Music backed with brainwave frequencies to help support your goals. 

HAPPY COUPLES: Here's a recent article on the Evergreen Center's website 15 Traits of Happy Couples.  Look around for information about children as well - lots of useful information here.

"The book you don't read, won't help." Jim Rohn 1930-2009

"An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal." "Despair = suffering without meaning."  Man's Search for Meaning   1946 Viktor Frankl MD 

In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and dealing with manipulative people   1996 George Simon Jr. PhD.  170pp

The Dance of Anger  1985 Harriet Lerner PhD  Geared toward women, teaches about people's relationships within the family, places we may get stuck, healthier ways

Overcoming Shyness and Social Phobia: A step by step guide  1998 Ronald Rapee 119pp

Many Lives, Many Masters  1988 Brian Weiss MD Traditional doctor changed his mind about the fundamentals of life 

Meditation introductory books by David Fontana PhD.  Very experienced, knowledgeable professor providing a broad and detailed overview in easy prose.

The seven principles for making marriage work.   1999, updated 2015, Gottman et al  "Humor is magic."  John Gottman PhD 

Love Sense: The revolutionary new science of romantic relationships.  2013 Sue Johnson

Undefended Love: the way you felt about yourself when you first fell in love is the way you can feel all the time.  2000 Jett Psaris Phd and Marlena Lyons PhD  

Out of the doghouse: A step-by-step guide for men caught cheating.  2017 Robert Weiss  This book is for men who want to (want to key words) stop cheating. 

Center for Grieving Children for support of family members whose child has a very serious illness or who has passed away.

Why Does He Do That?: Inside the minds of angry and controlling men by Lundy Bancroft    "Men have to do the work of changing men (men's attitudes toward women)."  Though written as male as controller, is for anyone in this type of relationship.  Invaluable information.    

Dial 2-1-1 in Maine for help finding a doctor, specialist, therapist and more.  Website:

Remember public libraries lend books for free and Maine has a great sharing library system.  Find a library here (you will need a state id or license to be a member, but anyone can read inside the library without checking a book out):

Coaching!: Learn how to present yourself and phrase things to get you closer to what you want. Denise Martin is a Maine local so she is accessible in person if you choose, and has great information available to read.  Her site:

**Alisia Ives is not a medical doctor.  Following to broaden your knowledge base:**

The Heartmath Solution.  2011 Doc Childre and Howard Martin  Research displaying the power of the heart and balance (energy field 5,000x greater than the brain's):

SPARK: the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain 2008 John Ratey MD with Eric Hagerman  Great book in support of thoughtful exercise 

A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases.  1958 Max Gerson MD  His goal to bring the body back to health.  Turned around many people's lives.  Worth considering.

Sexual Intelligence: what we really want from sex and how to get it.  2012 Marty Klein, PhD.  

Come as You Are: the surprising new science that will transform your sex life.  2015 Emily Nagoski PhD   

the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. 2015 Marie Kondo.  "The lives of those who tidy thoroughly & completely, in a single shot, are without exception dramatically altered."  

Financial Peace.  1997 Dave Ramsey  Give a basic overview of managing money how to feel more at peace financially.  Not the only way, a way.  

**Your choice to access any webpage or purchase any service does not cause money to be paid to Alisia Ives.  These resources are provided because they are considered quality tools for you and integrity matters!**

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