Alisia and this Practice. Things to do that may help.

About Alisia and this Practice

Alisia Ives earned a graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and an undergraduate degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication.  She is currently studying in a metaphysics program from a unified energetic spiritual basis.

Alisia strives to live as she encourages: with awareness, reflection, openness and action.

"Go forward, stand always for the truth, and fear no man."  

 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle MD, Author

Our lives consist of biological (birth material, physical); environment (who we interact with, financial means, freedom, learned interpersonal dynamics); and spiritual (precept spirit exists prior to birth and return to spirit, therefore it is wise to consider this aspect through our lifetimes).

People come to me for consulting and counseling.  Consulting usually short term.  This work often includes interest in your spiritual self to learn more about how to live embracing and attending to that aspect of yourself.

In counseling our work is eclectic; including attending to your intuitive pulls as well as evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral, relationship oriented, solution oriented, and mindfulness.  Also transpersonal psychology meaning a spiritual basis and humanistic as looking at the whole person.  You are encouraged to challenge avoidance, as it is often not helpful, based in fear, and less likely to engender confidence or joy.

"I have long regarded denial as the enemy, and challenge it whenever possible in my therapy and in my personal life." Irvin Yalom MD psychiatrist, Stanford professor emeritus, writer.

Things to do:

Explore through talking.  Honest, open talk with someone you trust can release internal pressure and give you perspective.

Writing.  Writing your thoughts and feelings can help create clarity to take actions you feel more committed to and responsible for and interact with purpose.

"There is nothing like writing to force you to think and get your thoughts straight." Warren Buffett, investor, founder of Berkshire Hathaway

Engaged aware living.  Knowing yourself and consciously choosing your actions and thoughts fosters empowerment.

Sitting quietly in alert awareness, noticing how your body feels, your thoughts without attaching to them or the emotions that may come up.  Helps ground and calm.

Planned action.

Practicing full, deep breathing.

Decide focus to guide your life.  CLICK on picture & jump to Resources including daily routine link

Decide focus to guide your life.  CLICK on picture & jump to Resources including daily routine link

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